How to Implement a Cross Channel Communications Strategy with MessageMedia

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HubSpot + MessageMedia Integration

Send and receive SMS without leaving your HubSpot account. Have a browse through the MessageMedia and HubSpot integration and the opportunities it provides.

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30 SMS Templates for Marketing, Sales and Customer Success

To celebrate our new integration with MessageMedia, we’ve created this free guide on how to leverage SMS to supercharge your cross-channel communication strategy, including 30 free templates to get you started with HubSpot workflows.

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How Vinomofo achieved 120x ROI

Vinomofo leveraged the speed of SMS in their customer engagement campaign by combining email with SMS. The results? A 21% increase in sales conversion and 120% ROI. In this case study, read about how Vinomofo leveraging cross-channel communications and the results it drove for the business.

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The way you communicate with prospects and customers has to be fluid, an omnichannel experience. Buyers should be able to kick off a conversation over live chat, follow up with email, talk through details over the phone, and get updates and personalised offers via SMS— all without skipping a beat.
Did you know that 90% of SMS are read within 90 seconds? Vinomofo leveraged the speed of SMS in their customer engagement campaign, where they combined email and SMS within their campaign, resulting in 21% increase in sales conversion and 120% ROI.
In this webinar, you'll learn tips and tricks on planning and executing a cross-channel communication strategy, as well as case study with Vinomofo's Head of Marketing, Mariano Favia.
We cover:
  • The new HubSpot + MessageMedia integration, allowing HubSpot customers to leverage the power of SMS
  • The pitfalls of relying on a single communication channel
  • How to ensure your cross-channel is seamless and dynamic to create a delightful customer experience
  • Worfklow templates you can use to drive results across marketing, sales and customer success use cases
  • How Vinomofo have leveraged cross-channel communications and the results they've seen as a result


Agenda Highlights

Integration Deep Dive

The MessageMedia integration allows HubSpot users to seamlessly bring SMS into their communications strategy. We walk through how to set up the integration and how easy it is to build SMS into your workflows.

Tips and Tricks

We share our top 10 workflows for marketing and sales -- from marketing promotions and NPS surveys, to sales meeting reminders and internal sales notifications.


Vinomofo Case Study

Vinomofo's Head of Marketing, Mariano Favia, shares how Vinomofo leveraged email and SMS in their re-engagement campaigns and the results it drove for the business.


  • Tara Salmon
    Chief Marketing Officer

    Tara Salmon is the CMO of MessageMedia, a global mobile messaging company that helps businesses of all sizes – from SMBs to enterprise level – better connect with customers. Tara has over 15 years’ experience in marketing, including building digital and email/SMS marketing teams and campaigns to drive effective customer engagement.

  • Mariano Favia
    Head of Marketing

    Mariano Favia has spent over 10 years in retail E-commerce, with roles at Dell, Mercadolibre, Temple & Webster & MYOB. A former E-commerce assistant professor at Buenos Aires Institute of Technology University and public speaker at Google Academy – Mobile Specialist (Melbourne & Sydney, Australia). Currently the Head of Marketing at Vinomofo, Mariano is passionate about product development, advertising and disruptive technologies.

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