Deploying Chatbots Effectively with HubSpot

Webinar for HubSpot Users
August 14, 11 AM EST | 4PM BST/GMT+1

Chat volume has risen in recent months as customers look to businesses for immediate, helpful information and leads gather crucial data to inform strategic buying decisions. Leverage chat to connect with your audience and optimize conversations for your business growth.

What will I learn? We'll discuss how to build a conversational strategy in HubSpot, share chatbot examples, and review key metrics to track as you launch and optimize chat for your business needs.

This webinar will include best practices, product how-to's and Q&A with a subject matter expert.

This session is part of the ADAPT 2020 series, an educational program developed to support you as you navigate the shifts in your business strategy due to the ongoing global health and economic crisis.


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