Managing Remote Work with HubSpot

Free webinar training for HubSpot users

April 24, 2020, 11 AM ET

Join our free training session on April 24 designed for HubSpot users looking to leverage HubSpot tools and key integrations to improve their productivity and effectively enable their remote teams.
This session is part of the ADAPT 2020 series, an educational program developed to support you as you navigate the shifts in your business strategy due to the ongoing global health and economic crisis.

What will I learn?  We'll focus on how to manage daily tasks when working in distributed teams, and how HubSpot tools and integrations can support individual and team productivity.

  • Remote Work in 2020 
  • Digital Team Operations, Engagement and Development 
  • Tools and Apps to Support Remote Work 


  • justin-1

    Justin Champion

    Principal Content Professor,
    HubSpot Academy

    Justin Champion is the author of Inbound Content and Principal Content Professor for HubSpot Academy. Justin created HubSpot Academy's Content Marketing Course, which has awarded over 40,000 certifications to professionals across the globe since November 2016.

  • courtney

    Courtney Sembler

    Manager, HubSpot Academy Education

    Courtney currently works as the Manager for HubSpot Academy Education, dedicated to leading the inspiring and passionate Inbound Professors. She was a previous Inbound Professor focused on email marketing, GDPR, and contact management. She is devoted to education, environmental programs, and a true email geek.

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