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Adapt 2020:

An Education Series

As we’ve heard from so many of you, the global health and economic crisis has upended businesses across every industry. We hope you'll join us as we work together to find new strategies, opportunities for connection, and paths for conversion.

In the coming months - through weekly installments - we’ll be focusing on the shifts you need to make to build a marketing strategy for today’s unique situation and tomorrow’s new economy.

Each Week You'll Get:

Benchmark Data

We're digging into our own aggregated and anonymized customer data to help bring to light current marketing, sales, and services trends. 

Educational Content

Blog posts, guides, templates, and more - we'll share relevant resources that help you put these strategies into action. 

Live Events

Each week, we'll bring you thought leaders from across sales, marketing, and services to share their thoughts and answer your questions.

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What data is informing the weekly topics you see below? We're looking at aggregated data from our global customer base of 70,000+ companies to understand how business metrics are shifting as the world grapples with the global pandemic. 

Pivoting Your Website

With how fast the world around us is changing, people are looking for more information than ever, and they’re looking for it online. In fact, website traffic has remained consistently higher than pre-COVID averages for 10+ weeks straight. 

Odds are good that in the last few weeks you’ve had to disseminate information faster than normal, move a portion of your go-to-market online, stand up an ecommerce platform, expand your customer support and education, or perhaps all the above. 

The moral of the story is, if your website wasn’t already top-of-mind as a main resource to grow awareness for your business, sell products or services, or keep your prospects and customers informed - it should be now. That’s why this week is all about helping you pivot how you use your website -- and fast.  

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  • Educational Resources
  • HubSpot User Deep Dive

Featured Webinar

Adapt - Social - 6.25

Watch on-demand as an all-star group of panelists join us to discuss how you can pivot your website from just place for your brand to live online, to an online growth machine. 


Educational Resources

HubSpot User Deep Dive

Livestream: Designing a Website that Works for You

Your website and brand assets are more important now than ever before. Join us to understand how you can take your site and content design to the next level by leveraging HubSpot and Canva.


Additional Academy Content:

Explore Past Weeks

Serving Your Employees During Times of Uncertainty

Employee satisfaction has become an increasingly important focus for people operations teams, and companies as a whole. We've learned that attracting and retaining great talent and delivering a fulfilling employee experience is about more than a title or paycheck. It's about creating a truly inclusive workplace in which all employees feel welcome, motivated, and empowered to bring their whole selves to work. But this isn't a straightforward task, and it's only made harder during times of uncertainty.

  • Featured Webinar
  • Educational Resources

Featured Webinar

Adapt - Social (3)

This week, join HubSpot's Chief People Officer, Katie Burke, as she sits down with an amazing panel to discuss what you can do to ensure your employees and colleagues feel valued, safe, and heard. This discussion will primarily focus on the COVID-19 pandemic and how to care for employees amidst all the changes in the world, but will also touch upon how to acknowledge racial inequality and support employees impacted by the current events happening in the United States.


Educational Resources

Customer Retention

Fortunately, our most recent benchmark data tells us that new deals being created are starting to bounce back to where they were before the pandemic began.

That said, selling is still harder than normal for most right now. And when the selling gets tough, customer retention matters more than ever.

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  • Educational Resources
  • HubSpot User Deep Dive

Featured Webinar

Adapt - Social

Keeping your customers happy has always been important for businesses. Happy customers are more likely to retain through tough times, refer more people, and spend more money with you in the future. At a time when new business is hard to generate, current customers are the lifeblood of many companies.  

Join HubSpot Product General Manager Ying Chen and HubSpot Director of Customer Success Celine Kimberly as they sit down to talk about how to prioritize your customers during the current economic crisis. 


Educational Resources

HubSpot User Deep Dive

Free webinar training for HubSpot users Friday, May 29 at 11am ET: Building a Customer Experience that Drives Retention
Keeping customers engaged with your services and products is always important, but focusing on retention can be even more crucial during difficult times. Join this session to understand how you can apply strategies using HubSpot tools to delight and retain your customers.

What will I learn? 
 We'll share how to map and audit your customer journey to find areas to improve the experience and drive customer satisfaction and retention.
Featuring HubSpot Academy Professor, Adriti Gulati
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Featured Use Blog Post
Academy Learning 

Advertising in a Time of Crisis

Should you just shut your ads off and wait until the economy is in a more stable place? Without the right targeting, timing, messaging or tone, advertising can come across as insensitive, or just plain rude. Never is this more true than during a crisis.

From this week's data we see, Globally, total advertising spend was 21% below pre-COVID levels the week of May 4 . This trend held across all company sizes and most industries.

With that in mind, this week is all about providing guidance to help companies spend their ad money wisely at this unprecedented time in history.

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  • Educational Resources
  • HubSpot User Deep Dive

Featured Webinar

advertising adapt webinar

Join HubSpot Product General Manager, Nicholas Holland as he sits down with Google Canada's Head of Marketing, Fab Dolan, Insights Marketing Lead, Facebook IQ , Maya Abinakad and George Ingram, Director of Paid Media at Wunderman Thompson. They'll discuss how to pivot your advertising strategy to lead with empathy during a crisis. 


Educational Resources

HubSpot User Deep Dive

Industries Deep Dive

The global health and economic crisis hasn't affected everyone the same way. This week we're taking a deeper look at industry level sales and marketing performance data and providing resources to help based on industry-specific need.

We wish we could talk about every industry, but will be focusing on those where we have the data.

  • Key Data Points
  • Featured Webinar
  • Industry-by-Industry Resources
  • General Resources

Key Data Points

There is A TON of data that we could highlight this week. Instead of trying to fit it all here, we encourage you to explore the data cuts yourself by visiting our COVID-19 Marketing and Sales Benchmark Data Tool

There you'll be able to explore weekly benchmark data on the following, from over 70,000 businesses on everything from website traffic, to marketing and sales email performance, and even deal pipeline.

Featured Webinar

This week, join HubSpot Director of Sales Crevan O'Malley and Gong's Head of Content, Devin Reed, as they sit down to take a deeper look at industry-level sales and marketing performance data. 

They discuss which industries are weathering the storm and which are struggling. They'll also share insights into how each of these industries can pivot their marketing and sales playbooks to adapt to the new economy. 

While they mainly focus on data from Computer Software, Construction, Manufacturing, Consumer Goods, Travel, Human Resources, and Entertainment businesses, they bring in advice and examples from other industries, too. 


Industry-by-Industry Resources

Based on the data for each industry, we've identified a few timely tactics and resources. 


Tactical Advice


Computer Software

Focus: Customer Retention, Freemium Models, and Sales Tools 

  • Customer retention matters even more for subscription software services given new sales stalling - focus on making current customers super happy. 
  • Consider a freemium model if you’re not already since many are hesitant to buy right away.
  • Help your sales team break through the noise to better connect with prospects in a personalized and educational way.

How to Do the Right Thing For Customers

10 Ways to Improve Customer Loyalty and Retention

The Ultimate Guide to Freemium

The Sales Email Sequence That Balances Personalization with Productivity


Focus: Inside Sales, Educational Content, Communication

  • Help your sales team pivot from outside to inside sales by adopting new tech to support their new sales motion.
  • Take this time to really polish your content/lead generation strategy to start building new pipeline for after the crisis.
  • If you’re deemed an essential business, update your current clients and leads about how you’re planning to adapt your strategies and continue to close deals.

10 Must-Have Inside Sales Technologies

Need to Educate Your Buyers? Use This Teacher-Approved Framework

7 Amazingly Effective Lead Nurturing Tactics

Using Workflows in Your Sales Process

Consumer Goods

Focus: Ecommerce, Educational Content, Website

  • Your website is likely your new storefront. Time to set-up some e-commerce, and fast. 
  • Set expectations around shipping or production delays. Be transparent and adjust your order communications.
  • Invest in education to help people not just evaluate your product, but also improve their lives.

The Best 5 Ecommerce Website Builders in 2020

4 Education Marketing Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2020

The HubSpot-Built Integration for Shopify

Learn Ecommerce Marketing and Sell More Online



Focus: Ecommerce, Educational Content, Workflows

  • Consider moving whatever part of your business you can to e-commerce to open new revenue streams.
  • Consider leaning into online content or education. Can you teach classes or help people learn something?
  • Make sure your website and Google are up-to-date with store hours and options for how people can buy.

9 Simple Ways to Optimize Your Website for Lead Generation

4 Genius Tactics for Increasing Ecommerce Sales

How to Use Video Content in Your Knowledge Base to Empower Your Customers

Human Resources

Focus: Educational Content, Email & Communications

  • Ease uncertainty by creating content to that helps your clients better work with their employees during the crisis.
  • Build pipeline - even if you can’t hire as rapidly now, having a full database of warm leads will help when it’s time to return to normal.
  • Review outreach efforts to make sure nothing insensitive is being sent to people who are out of work or who cannot hire right now.

The Secret Ingredient for Good Crisis Communication

The Power of Praise & Recognition on Employee Happiness

How to Create and Execute a Successful Lead Gen Strategy

4 Talent Acquisition Strategies to Find the Best Employees


Focus: Educational Content, Email & Communications, Inside Sales 

  • Help your sales team pivot from outside to inside sales and focus on education vs selling.
  • Start building new pipeline now with education given the long sales process and longer timeline to recoup for losses.
  • Communicate support and ease concern about supply chain with current suppliers to help focus on retention.

15 Smart Strategies to Speed Up Your Sales Cycle

19 Lead Nurturing Email Examples You'll Want to Steal

6 Customer Retention Systems (& Why CRM Should Be One of Them)


Focus: Educational Content, Customer Support, Chat

  • Set up public communications/guidelines and chat or ticket automation to help your support team deal with  high volume of inquiries.
  • Create educational content to build pipeline and help people plan for future travel.
  • Create virtual experiences or educational content to help people cope with missing travel.

The 23 Best Live Chat Software Tools of 2020

How to Develop a Content Strategy: A Start-to-Finish Guide

6 Fundamental Video Marketing Tips for Every Skill Level


General Resources

Selling Through Uncertainty

The way that people buy has drastically changed over the past few weeks. The days of handshake deals over coffee have been put on pause, and many are questioning - how do sales people adjust? Is it still possible to build a pipeline and sell in a remote and hesitant world?

  • Key Data Points
  • Featured Webinar
  • Educational Resources
  • HubSpot User Deep Dive

Key Data Points

The benchmark data from this week is telling us that while sales aren't back to where they were before the crisis, things are starting to turn around and there is hope. 
  • Weekly average sales call volume has maintained an approximate 20% decrease from pre-COVID averages but the number of meetings booked increased from around 7% below pre-COVID averages, to 10% above pre-COVID averages.
  • Deals closed improved 9% week-over-week. While the volume of deals closed is still 22% lower than pre-COVID averages.
  • Last week, sales teams created 8% more deals than the week of April 13. This is still trending 15% below pre-COVID levels.
So this week we're focused on arming you with the tools and tactics to start your own sales resurgence and to sell through uncertain times.

Featured Webinar

The way that people buy has drastically changed over the past few weeks.

The days of handshake deals over coffee have been put on pause, and many are wondering - how do salespeople adjust? Is it still possible to build a pipeline and sell in a remote and hesitant world?

This week, join HubSpot's Chief Customer Officer Yamini Rangan as she sits down with some special partners from PandaDoc, Zoom, and Vidyard to discuss how sellers can pivot their sales motion to break through to buyers.  


Educational Resources

HubSpot User Deep Dive

Featured Customer Webinar: Using HubSpot Tools to Sell in Uncertain Times
Join our free training session on Friday, May 8 designed for HubSpot users looking to refine their sales strategy to meet the needs of today's buyers. We'll share how you can support your sales team's shift to inside sales, how to creatively build relationships with prospects online, and how key tools can support your sales motions. 
Featuring HubSpot Academy Professor, Kyle Jepson
Register Now
Academy Learning 

Building an Educational Strategy

In uncertain times it’s only natural to yearn for more information. Information about your health, your business, or how to survive in this new economy and world.

While many people aren’t looking to buy, most are looking to learn. As businesses of all shapes and sizes look for ways to keep current and prospective customers engaged, the data shows that leading with education may be the right approach to take.

What does this mean for your business? It means online education is the key to success right now.

  • Key Data Points
  • Featured Webinar
  • Educational Resources
  • HubSpot User Deep Dive

Key Data Points

Why focus on education strategies? The data indicates that people are looking to marketing for more content, but are not ready to spend money or talk about buying.  
  • Marketing email engagement has climbed to 25% higher than pre-COVID averages.
  • Weekly traffic to our HubSpot Academy has more than doubled since March 8 and our Marketing Blog  has experienced a 40% rise in weekly organic traffic volume during the same period.
  • At the same time, sales mail response rates are down over 25% from pre-COVID-19 times.

Featured Webinar

In uncertain times, people crave more information.

Information about health, business, or simply how to exist in this new world. As a business, you have the opportunity to help provide this information to earn the trust and attention of your target audiences.
Data indicates that people are hungrier for education now than they ever have been before, and they're turning to the internet to find it. 
Join Director of HubSpot Academy, Christopher  LoDolce to learn how your organization can make educational content the bedrock of your marketing and sales strategy to better engage your customers and prospects. 

Educational Resources

HubSpot User Deep Dive

User Webinar: Building an Educational Content Strategy in HubSpot

May 1, 11AM ET

Hear from HubSpot experts and customers on how they're putting education to work to help their business right now. 


HubSpot Academy Content

Keep the conversation going in our Community

Enabling Remote Sales and Marketing Teams

It has been over a month since most of the world was asked to practice social distancing by working remotely. Businesses have been working rapidly to get their teams up and running online. Installing Zoom, setting up Slack, learning the protocols for digital communication inside of their business.

Now that people are equipped with the right tools, leaders are asking the question: how can my team be productive?

  • Key Data Points
  • Featured Webinar
  • Educational Resources
  • HubSpot Customer Deep Dive

Key Data Points

  • When surveyed, 31% of workers said that when their office re-opens, they would be more likely to accept a job that is entirely remote in the future
  • Salespeople are no longer able to conduct as much business in person. Companies sent 36.7% more sales emails* in March than February
  • Salespeople are  hungry for guidance on how to navigate this new world. HubSpot Academy has seen a 19% MoM increase in certifications awarded for Sales Certification

*Emails using HubSpot sequences

Featured Webinar

No Office. No Problem.

 It's been over a month since most Americans and Europeans were asked to practice social distancing by working remotely.
Over the past few weeks, businesses have been working rapidly to get their teams up and running online. They've been installing Zoom, setting up Slack, and learning the ropes of 100% digital communication. Now that people are equipped with the right tools, leaders are asking the question: how can my team be productive?
Join Stella Garber, Head of Marketing at Trello, Dannie Herzberg, Sr. Director of Sales at Slack, Reem Abeidoh, Head of Global GTM at LinkedIn, and Kieran Flanagan, VP of Marketing at HubSpot as they discuss how to align and empower your remote sales and marketing teams.

Educational Resources

HubSpot Customer Deep Dive

Webinar: Managing Remote Work with HubSpot

April 24, 2020, 11 AM ET

Join our free training session on April 24 designed for HubSpot users looking to leverage HubSpot tools and key integrations to improve their productivity and effectively enable their remote teams. 


Academy Courses and Other Reading

Popular HubSpot Integrations for Remote Work

New Benchmark Data on the State of Business

In a crisis, it can be hard to get a clear view. That’s why HubSpot has culled, aggregated, and anonymized data from across its global user base to show how business metrics have changed for a collection of 70,000 companies and organizations worldwide since this crisis began.

This week, we released our first installment of this data, along with learnings and resources around the trends that we're noticing.

  • Key Data Points
  • Featured Webinar
  • Educational Resources
  • HubSpot Customer Deep Dive

Key Data Points

Some of the trends we're seeing (see the full list here):

  1. The number of closed-won deals and new deals created are declining. 
  2. Websites are an important source of business right now.  
  3. Marketing and sales teams are both reaching out to their customers more with varying levels of success. 

What does this mean for you?

  1. Focus your efforts on on education, not promotion.
  2. Incorporate chat into your website strategy.
  3. Refresh your sales pipeline.

Take a look at this week's resources for help putting these strategies into action.

Featured Webinar

There has been a surge of headlines, content, and conversations about the state of business today, but reliable benchmarks that provide a sense of direction week over week are much harder to find. 

Like you, we’ve been looking for some concrete benchmarks. We looked at aggregated data from our global customer base of 70,000+ companies to understand how business metrics are shifting as the world grapples with the global pandemic.

Join Kipp Bodnar, HubSpot CMO, Michelle Benfer, HubSpot VP of Sales, and Meghan Anderson, HubSpot VP of Marketing as they dig into the data to discuss the trends they're seeing and how businesses can adapt in the face of these challenges.


Educational Resources

HubSpot Customer Deep Dive

Join the Conversation

Our HubSpot Academy Team is here to help. All week, they'll be hosting an AMA on HubSpot Community to help you navigate the tools and strategies you see below. Check it out here. 

Focus on Education, Not Promotion

Incorporate Chat into Your Strategy

Refresh Your Sales Pipeline

How to Shift to a Virtual Event Strategy

Events can take months to plan. Years, even. So what happens when, in one unpredictable moment, you find yourself facing the choice of having to postpone, cancel, or go virtual with your event season?

  • Featured Webinar
  • Educational Resources
  • HubSpot Customer Deep Dive

Featured Webinar

Join Kim Darling, Vice President of Marketing at HubSpot and Executive Producer of HubSpot’s annual INBOUND event, for a special AMA on event strategy. She’ll talk through contingency planning, building meaningful online events, and lessons she’s learned about creating experiences and community in any situation.


Educational Resources

HubSpot Customer Deep Dive

Want to see how to make webinars work in HubSpot? Look no further:

Live Webinar, Friday, April 10 at 11AM EDT

Academy Education:


Additional Assistance from HubSpot App Partners

Many HubSpot app partners are offering discounts, flexible terms, and new packages in these challenging times. We’ve highlighted their offers on this page.